Barbell Belleville, Ontario: Where To Buy?

Most home gyms owners come to the idea to equip their home gyms with a barbell. While with some creativity and knowledge you can perform full body workouts with dumbbells only, there is a good use for a barbell in your gym. Are you serious about incorporating bench press, squats, military press to your fitness routine? You likely will be looking for a barbell and a set of plates.

In this article we will explore what kind of barbells we offer and how the barbell in Belleville, Ontario or around.

What Barbells We Offer?

At My Sports Shop we try to offer a wide variety of barbells, anything you may need for your home or commercial gym. All the barbells fall in one of three categories: Standard 1” sleeve barbells, Olympic barbells and specialty barbells. Let’s take a look at each category.

Standard 1” barbells are more basic. Their sleeves don’t rotate. They are good use for beginners or functional fitness exercises without focusing on weight lifting. The advantage of standard barbells is their price, they tend to be cheaper. However on the downside once you decide to upgrade to Olympic barbell you will need to replace your plates to the ones with 2” centre hole diameter.

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Olympic Barbell

Olympic barbells with rotating sleeves are the most popular choice. They differ by length, technology used and as a result maximum weight capacity and other factors, such as colors, design and specialization. for example powerlifting specialized Olympic barbells are more stiff.

Specialty barbells is the most versatile category. It includes barbells designed to concentrate on specific exercises. Such as Swiss bar, also known as a football bar lets you perform bench press with a neutral grip. Hexagonal barbell is used for lunges, shrugs and deadlifts.

How To Get A Barbell In Belleville?

We developed a delivery system that lets our clients to get fitness equipment without paying extremely high shipping fees. We charge flat shipping rate of 30$, at this amount you can have any order delivered to your address. Feel free to explore our barbells collection, choose the one you like the most and we will have it delivered to your home or office.