Barbell Cornwall, Ontario: Where To Buy?

In this short article we would like to describe which barbells we offer for sale and how to get them in Cornwall, Ontario. First things first…

Which Barbells Do We Offer?

Our collections of barbells includes three main categories. Thats standard barbells with 1” diameter sleeves, Olympic barbells with 2” rotating sleeves and specialty barbells.

Standard barbells is the great choice for beginner weight lifting training and also for people who exercise for functional fitness. Their advantage is lower price point and abundance of different kinds that are offered. However the downside is that you need weight plates with 1 inch centre hole. Once you decide to upgrade to Olympic barbell you will need new weight plates as well.

Olympic barbell is the most popular choice both for home and commercial gyms. What is the difference between different products in this category?

First of all Olympic barbells differ by length. Most popular choice is 7 feet barbell. However if the space for workouts you may want 6 feet barbell instead, or even 5 feet. Olympic barbells also vary by technology used and as a result by maximum weight capacity. You can choose the barbell starting from basic training bar with 700 pounds capacity up to high tech competition barbells.

Specialty barbells are designed to be used for specific exercises. Such as Swiss bar also known as football bar for neutral grip bench press. Hexagonal barbell for lunges, shrugs, deadlifts and farmer’s walk. EZ bar for angles grip when performing biceps curl and others.

barbell cornwall
Open Hex Barbell

You can explore our barbell collection here. Now that you have some information about barbells we offer let’s discuss an important question of availability in Cornwall, Ontario.

Barbell, Cornwall, Ontario: Delivery

We offer a flat shipping rate of 30$ for any order placed in our online store. Now matter how big or small your order is. It is the same shipping rate we offer in Montreal, Ottawa and Kingston. Feel free to choose the barbell you like and we will deliver it to your address.