Barbell Ottawa Buyer’s Guide

If you are looking to buy a barbell for your home or commercial gym in Ottawa this is a great place to get some information. Whether you are interested in Olympic barbell for lifts or for specialized barbell to add some variety to your workouts we will study them all.

At our online store we are trying to offer barbells for every possible need. Let’s start to go through the selection of barbells starting from the most popular choices, the barbells that every gym needs.

The most popular choice is a seven feet Olympic barbell. Olympic is the kind of barbell with 2 inch diameter rotating sleeves. You will need Olympic plates with 2 inch holes to use with these barbells. Shorter bars, like 6 or even 5 feet also exist, and we offer them. However seven feet is a more common ones as they have long enough sleeves to accomodate a number plates needed for heavier lifts. Shorter barbells are mostly needed when there is an issue with space, when the space is not wide enough for 7 feet bar.

Olympic barbells look very similar to each other, however they differ by technologies used. They have different weight capacity and price points. They also have some specialization, for example powerlifting bars are more stiff than the bars for Olympic weight lifting.

barbell ottawa
York Powerlifting Bar

Barbell Ottawa: Specialty Barbells

Specialty bars on the other hand don’t look the same at all. You can see our collection of specialty bars here, and all the Olympic barbells here. Let’s take a look at a couple examples.

Swiss bar, also known as a football bar is a barbell that lets you utilize neutral grip, which ads variety to your weight training and also safer for your shoulders. It is a great addition to any home gym.

barbell ottawa specialty
Arched Swiss Bar

Another popular specialized bar is a hexagonal bar. It is a great tool to perform deadlifts, shrugs and lounges.

barbell ottawa open hex
Open Hex Bar

Now that you have a few ideas lets discuss an important question. How do you get any of these barbells in Ottawa?

Delivery Or Pickup In Ottawa

We offer delivery to your address at flat shipping rate of 30$. Isn’t it convenient that you pay flat rate, and not per item? If you want to avoid shipping cost all together we have an offer for this too. Once a week we offer a pickup location at Billings Bridge Shopping Center. Since you know what we offer and how to get it, feel free to take a look at descriptions of our products. If you find any bar that you love, let us know and we will be happy to bring it to you!