Barbells In Gatineau: Buyer’s Guide

Gatineau became our favorite area recently. It is hard to find so grateful and enthusiastic fitness lovers elsewhere. While fitness enthusiasts value our products, advice and delivery, we would like to say thank you for your trust. We are on a mission to help building a fit community by equipping home and commercial gyms and we appreciate our relationship with fitness enthusiasts!

One more step to help you build your great home gym will be introduction of our barbells collection, which you can find below. These barbells in Gatineau can be delivered to your address.

First of all we offer standard 1” and Olympic 2” sleeve barbells. Standard barbells are popular for beginners and for athletes who are looking to perform functional training without focusing on weight lifting.

barbells Gatineau
Olympic Barbell

Olympic barbells are more advanced equipment. The main difference they have rotating sleeves, that help you perform lifts more controlled and with proper form, reducing injury risk and improving effectiveness of your workout. Olympic barbells differ by technology and materials used and as a result maximum weight capacity. For the home gym you don’t reeky need a high tech competition barbell, basic barbell with capacity of 700 lbs most often is sufficient, unless you decide that you need a more advanced one.

More versatile category is specialty barbells. These are designed to perform specific exercises. focusing on particular muscles, here are some examples:

  1. Swiss bar also known as a football bar, lets you perform a bench press with neutral grip
  2. Hexagonal bar or hex bar is used for lunges, shrugs, deadlifts and farmer’s walk.
  3. EZ bar – specialized bar for bicep curls, which lets you use alternative angles.

Barbells, Gatineau: Delivery

Once you choose a barbell from our collection, we offer a flat delivery rate of 30$ to your address. Take a look at the barbells we have to offer, choose the one that you like the most, and we will be happy to bring it to you!