Dumbbells In Belleville

Unlike for fitness enthusiasts in big cities, such as Toronto, who can enjoy a great selection, it can be sometimes challenging to find good offers on gym equipment in Belleville. The thing is all the fitness equipment stores offer shipping by couriers and charge shipping cost per box. When you need a few pairs of dumbbells the shipping cost ads up and becomes huge really fast. Guess what? This situation is solved by our store and hundreds of home gyms in Belleville, Quinte West and around are equipped with quality gym products with a help of our store.

How Does Delivery of Dumbbells To Belleville Work?

We offer a flat rate of 30$ for delivery to your address in Belleville or around, no matter how big or small the order is. It is the same rate we offer for delivery in bigger cities such as Kingston and Ottawa. Delivery also has other benefits as opposed to shipping by the courier. We take care of the goods we bring, we don’t drop or mishandle boxes, so you always receive your equipment in brand new condition. Additionally you have an opportunity to discuss other equipment you may need for your gym with our delivery driver who is is very experienced with gym equipment.

Which Dumbbells Do You Need?

Now that you are familiar with our delivery offer we can discuss what kind of weights you may need. Depending on your preferences, available space, budget you may want to buy fixed weight hexagonal dumbbells or one pair of adjustable dumbbells instead.

Dumbbells In Belleville: Hexagonal Dumbbells

Hexagonal dumbbells is a classic choice for home and commercial gyms. They have hexagonal shaped heads that prevent dumbbells from rolling away for safety of use. We made our dumbbells with quality materials. They have little rubber smell, compared to other products we see on the market. We are sure about our products and offer return and refund. At our store you can also find storage solutions for the dumbbells, rubber flooring, benches. Everything you may need for your home or commercial gym. We will be glad to bring your dumbbells to Belleville to get your gym equipped.

hex dumbbells belleville
Hex Dumbbell, 10lb

Dumbbells In Belleville: Adjustable Dumbbells

These dumbbells became popular during the last few years. They offer selection of all the necessary weights in one pair of dumbbells. You add weight plates with a turn of the dial, or in some models with a turn of a handle. Advantages of adjustable dumbbells is saving of space and of the budget, since you don’t need to buy multiple pairs.

adjustable dumbbells belleville
Adjustable Dumbbell

You can see the whole selection of dumbbells here. Now that you have some information, we would like to offer you to browse our products, emerge in a wonderful world of quality gym equipment, make your choice and we will be happy to bring your weights and everything else you may like for your home gym!