Dumbbells Gatineau: Where To Buy?

We got tired of telling our story ourselves and decided to go the extra mile and interview our client. He purchased equipment for his home gym a few times and by now has a well equipped environment for his workouts. Let’s listen to what he has to say about purchasing dumbbells in Gatineau, and more.


Guillaume says that at one point going to his local gym just stopped working for him. He tried his best but kept skipping workouts. Let’s listen to his story, as it can be typical. To tell you the truth we have heard similar things from other our clients before…

Guillaume can you tell us a little on how you came to the decision of building your home gym?

Trying to balance my busy schedule I realized that once I have an hour to exercise I don’t have time to get ready, drive to gym, change to indoor shoes and the rest. Especially since often I don’t even know how much time I have. Going to the gym just to find myself busy with an urgent work related zoom call in the middle of workout was frustrating experience.

“For me it’s about productivity. It was different when I was a student. At this stage of life I need to juggle work, family and a few projects. I need to catch those moments when I can exercise. Home gym is a solution for me. I can be there in a minute ready to lift.”

— Guillaume Lefebvre

What equipment did you start with, was it enough for you?

I decided not to cheap out on the bench. Since I knew I needed something resembling commercial gym environment I got a great commercial quality adjustable bench from My Sports Shop. I bought rubber mats and a few pairs of hex dumbbells at the same time. It was basic but with some creativity I was able to perform full body workouts for a couple of months before my first upgrade.

You are from Gatineau. Could you describe your order of dumbbells in Gatineau? Our readers are interested.

I have chosen delivery option since it was not expensive and convenient. My Sports Shop delivers your dumbbells to your home and it doesn’t cost much to have your order delivered (It’s 30$, My Sports Shop). It took two or three days for me to receive my order, I know they normally deliver within a week.

Do you know what other dumbbells they have?

For me hex dumbbells were the best as I know they withstand drops and they are the easiest to switch between sets. However I know they have adjustable dumbbells, that can be a solution for many. You save space and pay only for one pair while having access to all the weights. I believe they also have some more expensive fixed weight dumbbells for commercial gyms, wasn’t interested in that. Any dumbbells in Gatineau you can buy from My Sports Shop.

How did you upgrade your home gym after?

I knew it from the beginning that I wanted to be able to squat, so my second investment was in a power rack, barbell and plates set. Give or take a thousand dollars, but it was a purchase planned in advance. Power rack is an absolute must have if you are into bench press and squats.

You mentioned the comfort of being able to exercise when you have a moment. Are there any other pros of exercising at home?

We have two people using the home gym, me and my girlfriend. We are saving on two gym membership payments. Some gyms are also becoming busy at certain hours, so you have to wait for equipment to use it. I also prefer my home shower to a public one and I can play my own playlist. These little things that make a big picture perfect. Don’t get me wrong I’m well motivated and would go and exercise under the rain. But why not to make it a comfortable experience when you can?

Thank you Guillaume, was a pleasure to hear your story.

You are very welcome, feel free to reach out and I’ll tell you more 🙂