Dumbbells Kingston

To help fitness enthusiasts in their projects of building their perfect home gyms we prepared this page. The purpose of it is to discuss the following question. Purchase of dumbbells in Kingston, Ontario.

Couple of issues that we have heard fitness lovers have:
1. Limited availability. Sometimes not all weights available, especially above 50 lbs.
2. High shipping cost, many fitness brands charge shipping per box.

In order to support you in your fitness journey we developed a system that fixes both of these issues and provides overall great experience. Here is how it works.

Dumbbells in Kingston: Delivery Or Pickup

First of all we offer a flat fee for shipping, it is 30$. Doesn’t matter if your order is small or you buy the whole set of dumbbells of different weights. 30$ is all you pay for the delivery. Do you want to avoid shipping cost all together? We offer this possibility. Once a week we offer meetup to pick up your order, this way you pay for the products you ordered only.

What Kind Of Dumbbells Are Offered?

Two main categories are hexagonal dumbbells and adjustable dumbbells.

Hexagonal dumbbells are the most popular choice. We offer them in sizes from 5 to 120lbs. My Sports Shop makes them with quality materials, the rubber is low odour and ergonomic handle is made of high quality steel. We also offer storage solutions for hexagonal dumbbells, such as vertical rack, or three shelf rack.

dumbbells kingston
5 To 52.5 lbs Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells is another popular choice. These dumbbells let you save space and budget. They change weight with a twist of a dial, or in some models with a turn of a handle, letting you change weight quickly between the sets.

Now that you have some information to think about feel free to browse our dumbbells collection. Once you choose the ones that suit your needs the best, let us know and we will be happy to bring your dumbbells to Kingston.