Power Rack In Belleville, Where To Buy?

We already discussed the question of choosing dumbbells with delivery in Belleville, Ontario. In case you haven’t ordered any fitness equipment from our online store before, let me tell you about our delivery option. The thing is when you are choosing fitness equipment you can either have a very limited choice available locally or be charged shipping fee, usually per box. Our store developed the solution to this problem, and here is how it works. Using our delivery system you can have your power rack in Belleville.

Delivery to Belleville

We charge a flat shipping fee of 30$ for any order, big or small. It is the same rate we offer in bigger cities, such as Kingston, Ottawa and Montreal. At this rate you can have fitness equipment delivered to your address in Belleville, or around.

power rack belleville
Commercial Power Rack 5G

Which Power Racks To We Offer?

We try cover every possible need for power racks for home or commercial gyms. Starting with the budget options, we also offer a power rack specifically designed for low ceilings, which is the best on the market.

One of hour favorite models is a commercial quality power rack with lat pulldown attachment. It provides functionality for squats, bench press and large variety of other exercises.

The more expensive options provide heavy duty builds necessary for the commercial use.

What Should You Pay Attention To When Choosing the Rack?

Take note which attachments are included with the rack from the box. Sometimes a bit more expensive model includes essential attachments, which other model can be missing. So after all the more expensive model can be a better deal. Pay attention to design of the rack. Reinforcement plates make the build more sturdy and long lasting.

Now that you have some essential information you can take a look at our collection of power racks. You may want to read descriptions of particular models to get even better picture and make an informed decision. We will be happy to assist you in building your perfect home gym or PT studio and bring your new power rack to Belleville.