Power Rack, Ottawa: Buyer’s Guide

In this article we will answer a big question. Where to buy a power rack in Ottawa, and how to choose one? Power rack, also called a squat rack is a vital piece of gym equipment if you are planning to include bench press and squats in your workout regimen.

Power rack provides safety and lets you exit safely in case the weight was over your capability in that last rep. With the power rack you can push your limits while exercising in progressive overload strategy without a risk of injury.

So what are the things to pay attention to when choosing your power rack?

  1. Size. Keep in mind the requirements of the room you are planning to install your power rack in. A few solutions can be a short power rack, specifically designed for low ceilings. Another popular choice is a folding wall mounted rack, which you can fold to the wall while not in use. This can be a great option for an apartment.
  2. Functionality. Apart from bench press and squats some power racks provide additional functionality, such as pull up bar, dip station, plate storage, lat pull down, low row, extra pair of j-hooks, etc. Find out which additional functionality powr rack includes from the box, or if add-ons are available to buy later on.
  3. Engineering and design. Pay attention to important things such as reinforcement plates, they add stability to your rack. Quality of welding, thickness of steel and quality of paint job.

Which Racks Do We Offer?

We offer a variety of racks and try to cover every need. Starting from budget friendly options going up to the most heavy duty racks that can withstand rigorous use in commercial gyms. We offer rack that provide functionality of cable crossover, lat pulldown, low row and other functions.

power rack Ottawa
Ultimate Rack 3.3

How To Get The Power Rack In Ottawa?

We offer our delivery at 30$ flat rate. Within this rate you cam have any quantity of gym equipment delivered to your door. We also offer a pickup location at Billings Bridge shopping centre once a week if you want to avoid any shipping cost. Now that you have some info, feel free to explore our squat racks Canada collection and make your choice. We will be happy to bring yoiur equipment to you.