COREFX Power Sled


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The COREFX Push Sled is a unique and innovative pro sled system that is an all-in-one sled training system! The Push Sled is ideal for conditioning workouts and building strength and stamina through functional training. Whether you are pulling or pushing with the harness attached to the sled, the COREFX Sled is bound to take your training to the next level.

The multi-function system translates to multiple workouts/exercises with one sled. With the upright push poles, this allows you to perform both low and high push stances, while the carabiner holes on both sides of the sled allow for the attachment of a harness strap for pulling exercises. The four sockets can quickly transition the direction in which you are pushing the sled by moving the 2 poles from one side to the other. Removable posts also provide easier storage of the sled.

One-Piece Steel Construction

Constructed of heavy duty 7 gauge and 11 gauge steel, our sled is made to out last even the most rigorous workouts.

Floor Protection Skis

The included plastic ski attachments help protect the floors and allow for better movements on grass, turf, concrete, or asphalt.


The Push Sled is compact, powerful, and versatile tool that can be used to push, pull or drag. Easily switch the bar location to change directions of your push or attach a power system to drag and pull.


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