CoreFX Suspension Trainer


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The COREFX Suspension Trainer delivers a full-body workout that will help you build a lean physique on the go. The Suspension Trainer is easily adjustable from 58in – 72in to meet the needs of your workout. Features an integrated door anchor, extension strap with clip (35.5in) and anti-slip TPE rubber handles.

Workout Anywhere

The COREFX Suspension Trainer allows you to workout virtually anywhere. Easily attach the integrated anchor to doors, poles, trees, posts etc for a full body workout. Supports up to 990 pounds.

Simple And Effective

The Suspension Trainer uses gravity along with your body weight to help you build lean muscle and burn fat.

Great For All Fitness Levels

The Suspension Trainer resistance can be either increased or decreased by simply altering your body position to increase or decrease gravity.


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