Gapless Adjustable Bench


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Gapless Adjustable Bench

Gapless Adjustable Bench enhances your workout experience by eliminating the bothersome gap. With an adjustable back that offers a wide range of positions, from flat to 85 degrees, you have endless exercise options at your disposal. Whether you’re lifting dumbbells, engaging in bench presses, curls, or other routines, this bench ensures an uninterrupted and seamless session. What’s more, the bench’s back plate allows for upright positioning to save space when not in use.

The Adjustable Bench is built with a robust 11-gauge steel frame and offers multiple incline and seat adjustments. Versatile for any gym setting, be it at home or in a commercial space, it accommodates athletes of all sizes. Ideal for bench presses, incline bench workouts, and full-body exercises, this bench effectively targets abs, arms, legs, and back. Compatible with free weights, dumbbells, and barbells, it’s the perfect choice for comprehensive strength training.

Product Features:

  • Horizontally adjustable seat
  • Frame Material: 11-Gauge Steel
  • Non-SlipTextured Pads

Product Dimensions:

  • Height: 17″
  • Width of the Back Pad: 11.5″
  • Length of the Back Pad: 38.5″
  • Width of the Seat Pad: 6.5″
  • Length of the Seat Pad: 13.5″
  • Pad’s Thickness: 2″



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