York International Curl Bar w/ Rubber Grips
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York International Curl Bar w/ Rubber Grips

York International Curl Bar features thick rubber grips that offer a variety of comfortable grip options, providing for a number of different movements. Weight of the unit is 25lbs. Fits Olympic plates.

30 mm

1 review for York International Curl Bar w/ Rubber Grips
  1. jason

    I recently got the York EZ Curl Bar with Rubber Grips, and I’m quite pleased with it. The rubber grips are comfortable and offer a solid hold, making my bicep curls and other arm workouts more effective. The EZ curl design eases wrist strain, which is fantastic.

    The bar’s durability is noticeable, and I’m confident it will last for a long time. It’s a practical addition to my home gym, adding variety to my exercises. Plus, the price is reasonable for the quality. If you’re looking to level up your arm workouts without breaking the bank, this bar is a smart choice.

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