Rubber Mats Cornwall, Ontario

It is a good idea to start building your home gym with the rubber mats. They serve a few functions. First of all they protect your floor. They also protect your precious gym equipment form damage. Gym rubber mats offer sound isolation and make your workout environment more safe. Let us tell you how you can get rubber mats in Cornwall, Ontario.

Fitness enthusiasts in big cities such as Montreal or Ottawa are used to get their fitness equipment delivered, isn’t it convenient, as opposed to shipping, when shipping companies often charge a fee per item, or for the whole pallet? To help you stay in your budget we developed a solution to this problem.

Delivery Offer

To help you save and for your convenience we offer a flat fee of 30$ for delivery in Cornwall and places around, no matter how big or small your order is. You can order one mat, or flooring for a whole commercial gym. It is the same delivery rate we offer in Montreal and Ottawa.

Rubber Mats In Cornwall: How can they be used?

The primary use of rubber mats we see is home and commercial gyms, since we are gym equipment specialized store. However rubber mats can be used in a variety of different ways. We sell them to yoga studios, boxing and martial arts schools, daycares. Rubber mats are often used as horse stall mats.

Rubber Mats In Cornwall: What kinds do we offer?

Gym rubber mats differ by thickness, material and colour. Most popular options are between 6-12 mm. The bestseller is black 4×6′ rubber mat with thickness of 1/2 inch. However we offer even thicker mats as well, such heavy duty, heavyweight lifting world record setting rubber mats with thickness of 3/4 inch, 1 inch impact tiles etc.

rubber mats Cornwall
4×6′ 1/2” rubber mat

Apart from 4×6 mats we also offer interlocking rubber tiles 2×2′, rolls of rubber flooring, artificial grass and other flooring options. You can see the whole selection of rubber flooring we offer here.

rubber mats Cornwall
4×6′ black mat with white speckles

Now that you have some information we invite you to choose the flooring you like for your perfect gym and we will be happy to bring it to your address.