Rubber Mats Gatineau, Quebec

This short article will answer a few important questions about gym rubber mats (les tapis) and where to buy them with delivery in Gatineau, Quebec.

What Kind Of Mats Do I Need?

Depending on your needs you can choose either 4×6 feet rectangular mats or interlocking rubber tiles. Both these kinds of mats can be cut with exacto knife to exact size and shape of your room. Rubber mats also vary by thickness and colour. Starting from 6mm, they go up. Most popular models have thickness 6mm, 8mm or 1/2”.

rubber mats gatineau
4×6′ 1/2” Rubber Mats

However we also offer thick heavy duty mats with thickness 3/4” that are used for more extreme conditions, such as record breaking deadlifts. The more thick the mat is the better it protects your floor and provides better sound isolation. Rubber mats are also used as horse stall mats, at hockey rinks and at other facilities.

Rubber Mats In Gatineau: Colours

Most popular designs of mats are either plain black or black with coloured speckles. You can see the whole selection of rubber mats we offer here.

Rubber Mats In Gatineau: Materials

The mats differ by material used as well. The most light are foam mats, followed by thick impact tiles, that are used for playgrounds and martial arts schools. The most dense and heavy mats are used for heavy weight lifting. All the materials used have as little odour as possible. However if you are looking for mats for a living room or office we recommend our 6 or 8mm models as the best solution.

Delivery In Gatineau

Once you choose the model of mats you like the most, you can place your order. The shipping to Gatineau is a flat rate of 30$. You pay one amount, total 30$ no matter how many mats you need. This is a great way to save on shipping. Now that you have necessary information, feel free to browse through our collection and we will help you in your effort to equip your gym with the best rubber flooring.