Barbell Montreal, Where To Get?

This short text has as a goal to answer the question: where to find the barbell for your home or commercial gym in Montreal? Our online store has a great selection of standard and Olympic barbells as well as specialty barbells. Let us tell a little bit more about what we offer.

Barbell In Montreal: Local Availabililty

One big advantage of our online store is that the barbells are available locally, at our pick up location in Saint-Lazare, which is 20 minutes off Montreal island. This gives you an opportunity to pick up your barbell the same day and avoid any shipping cost.


We also offer delivery locally at a flat shipping rate of 30$ we can deliver as far as Joliette, Saint-Jerome or Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu. It is another advantage, because if you add some weight plates to your order, you don’t pay shipping per box. one shipping rate covers all your order, no matter how big it is.

Olympic Barbells

We offer a great variety of Olympic barbells, they differ by length (5 to 7 feet), technology used and maximum weight capacity, and specialization, such as powerlifting specific bars.

Specialty Barbells

Once you covered the basics you may want to add some variety to your gym. In order to do that we keep many different specialized barbells. Some of them include:

  • Safety squat bar. This barbell specifically designed to reduce stress on shoulders when performing squats
  • Swiss bar. We have arched and flat options. Also known as football bar it lets you perform bench press with neutral grip
  • EZ bar. Mostly used for biceps curls it ads ability to have angled grip to target different parts of muscles
  • Hex bar. Hexagonal bar is mostly used for deadlifts, lunges and shrugs
barbell montreal
Open Hex Bar

Now that you have some information about barbells we offer, feel free to browse through out barbells collection. Pick the one you like the most and we will be happy to bring your barbell to Montreal or you are welcome to come and pick it up in Saint-Lazare!