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Gym for Apartment Building

Most if not all newly built condo buildings have a gym for the residents. Many offices these days have gyms for their employees as well. If you are a developer or a landlord in search of equipment we will be glad to help. We offer A to Z solutions for gym in apartment building or office of any size and specialization.

Our store sells equipment with delivery, and we also offer consulting, design, installation, and service of equipment after sale. We offer our services in Montreal, Ottawa, Kingston and areas between these cities.

Starting from optional free consultation we will offer you complete set of equipment and solutions according to your needs, so you can have one less thing to worry about. You can personalization of your gym with custom colour scheme, your branding or other custom solutions.

We take care of rubber flooring which comes in different formats, designs and thickness levels, indoor sports artificial grass, mirrors, storage units for weights.

Treadmills, rowers, air bikes, spin bikes and other cardio equipment essential for condominium gyms. We also offer weights, such as plates, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, and so on.

gym apartment building

Depending on the gym size in your apartment building and budget you may want to include a Smith machine and a functional trainer.

Next thing you need is a squat rack or 2-3 of them if you are building a bigger gym. We have commercial level power racks of a few kinds, which let perform squats, bench press and other exercises. Commercial adjustable incline bench is a versatile piece of equipment you need to use with a squat rack and we have a few kinds of them with a right quality for commercial application.

Following these steps you will get a well equipped gym in apartment building or office. You will have a great balance of functional exercise equipment, cardio equipment and weights for your residents. The balance between these three types of gym equipment is important no matter if your gym is big or small.

For easy start of your apartment building or office gym built, you can request information from us by clicking the black button below.

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Gearforfit Montreal

If you are looking to purchase gym equipment by well known brand from Toronto Gearforfit we can help you with this task. Our store is an official dealer of Gearforfit in Montreal.

You can benefit from the same warranty terms as the brand Gearforfit provides when you purchase from our store. We also offer fast and affordable delivery, or you can pick up from our locations in Montreal (Saint-Lazare), Ottawa and Kingston and avoid shipping cost all together.

Gearforfit montreal
Gearforfit store, Markham, Ontario

Gearforfit offers a wide selection of racks, benches, plates and many other articles for your home or commercial gym. To buy Gearforfit in Montreal for local pickup or delivery you can place the order on our store or contact us.

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The History of Bench Press

Nowadays the bench press is a staple exercise popular across all levels of athletes. First thing many people think of when going to the gym is to challenge themselves against the barbell on a bench. However the bench press wasn’t always popular and known. At the beginning of last century strong men practiced a floor press lifting the barbell laying on the ground, rolling it on them over the head.

The history of bench press started in the 1930s, when athletes started practicing barbell lift laying on the wooden benches or boxes. The new version of the press let them keep their legs lower and feet in contact with the floor. In 1950s the bench press became the most popular among different kinds of presses. Before that the bench press was a specialized and little known exercise. The most important reason for popularity of bench press was its power to build chest muscles.

During 1920s and 1930s the popular technique to perform the press was belly toss. First part of the press was executed by giving the barbell momentum upwards with a back and leg arching move. This move was criticized by a well known weightlifter and York Barbell Company owner Bob Hoffman who said that some athletes do all the lifting with the abdomen.

In 1939 American Athletic Union (AAU) banned the bridging technique and introduced new standard called “pullover and press”. AAU also allowed to use the help of a spotter to hand the barbell to start position, so that the move would start with the barbell over the chest.

history of bench press

In 1950s bench press stanchions were introduced. Those are the uprights that hold the barbell over the bench, so that the lifter can do the lift without spotter’s help. In the same years Bob Hoffman began marketing a 5-in-1 bench which would allow users to press at incline, flat and decline degrees. Before that the athletes tried to press the barbell in incline position by leaning empty apple crates against the wall which resembled an incline bench.

1950s was the era when powerlifting originated, the bench press being one of its disciplines.It began with declining of Olympic weightlifting both in the USA and in the UK. People didn’t like Olympic lifts as they required a lot of coordination and technique. At the same time strength lifts increased in popularity. Following this trend AAU recognized “odd lifts” for records and competition. The first USA national powerlifting “meet” was held in September 1964 under the auspices of the York Barbell Company.

The best athlete by the most weight lifted in bench press was Douglas Ivan Hepburn from Vancouver. By the late 1940s he had officially lifted 360 lbs and was approaching the 400 lbs mark. During the 1950s Hepburn would become the first man to officially set several landmark records in both the squat and bench press movements.

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CrossFit Grass Track for Speed Sled

If you are looking to build a speed sled grass track for CrossFit push, pull and speed sled training we have a perfect solution for you. Our DPXP Elite artificial grass is designed for heavy duty indoor use and does not need infill to be used.

DPXP has 5mm cushioned backing foam, and can be installed on concrete or any other flat hard surface. It is glued in to the surface. Additionally to the product and delivery we offer cutting and installation service.

The grass comes in 15×50′ roll and can be cut according to your needs, popular sizes for grass track being 15×100′ and 7.5×100′.

DPXP Elite speed sled grass track
DPXP Elite Artificial Grass

We can also fully customize the shape and colour of your track with start, finish and distance marks, as well as your logo. Except speed sled CrossFit grass track, DPXP Elite can be used for indoor running tracks, batting cages, etc.

You can order DPXP Elite artificial grass here.

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York Legacy Plates

York legacy milled cast iron plates is the legendary product made by a company from York, Pennsylvania. It all started in 1935 when Bob Hoffman bought Milo Barbell Company. He began producing weight lifting equipment as well as promoting weight lifting sport. Iron plates made by York Barbell became a staple of weight training over the years.

Historically while manufacturing an iron plate it was machined at the back side removing the iron to achieve the exact weight. Milled that way plate had an uneven surface of the back side with mill marks.

The current generation of precision milled plates carry the York Barbell legacy. Milled backing achieves a tolerance within +/-2% of the indicated weight.

York legacy plates
York Legacy Plates in Canada

York precision milled legacy plates let you load your bar with confidence knowing that your plates are a piece of weightlifting history.

Our store is happy to provide you all the range of legacy plates either in sets or as individual plates that come in sizes 2.5, 5, 10, 25, 35, 45, 100 lbs. We have pickup options and delivery in Montreal, Ottawa, Kingston and around.

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Rubber Gym Mats in Ottawa

Our store offers different kinds of rubber flooring, that can be used in your home or commercial gym. Our most popular product is 4×6′ rubber mat that is 1/2” thick. We have rubber mats in Ottawa and we also offer them in Montreal and in Kingston.

Rubber mats Ottawa
4×6′ 1/2” thick rubber mat

Made from high quality recycled rubber they are low odour, firm and dense. Rubber mats protect your floor and gym equipment. They can also be used as horse stall mats and other applications. Apart from 4×6 rubber gym mats in Ottawa, we also have mats of different thickness, as well as 2×2′ interlocking mats, you can see the whole selection of the mats we have here.

Mats are available for pickup at Billings Bridge shopping centre once a week (meetup, no delivery charge). You can also benefit from our great delivery service. We charge a flat rate 30$ mo matter how big or small the order is.

We also deliver to Gatineau, Clarence-Rockland, Orleans, Kanata, Embrun, Casselman, Alexandria, and other towns in the area. If you need 4×6 rubber gym mats in Ottawa or other cities – we can help you!

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Adjustable Dumbbells FAQ

What is an adjustable dumbbell?

Adjustable dumbbells are the dumbbells design of which allows changing weights for your different exercises. There are dials on opposite sides of each dumbbell, which you have to twist one at a time to change to the weight you require. In some models we offer the weight is changed by twisting the hands itself. Each dumbbell has a set of plates located on a base, depending on a position of the dial the dumbbell will pick up the needed number of plates. For example if your adjustable dumbbell can be adjusted to 90 pounds and you are choosing 30 pounds on the dial, when you lift it, 60 pounds will remain on the base.

adjustable dumbbell faq
5 to 52.5 lbs Adjustable Dumbbell

Do you need to learn to use the adjustable dumbbells?

If you are used to exercise with the regular fixed weight dumbbells you will have to learn to switch weights between the sets. If you do a progression or regression set you will have to be ready to make a pause between changing weights to adjust your dumbbell.

Which exercises can I do with the adjustable dumbbells?

Except off bench chest press and bicep curls you can do a number of other exercises with adjustable dumbbells. Suitcase squat, dumbbell row, reverse dumbbell fly, Romanian deadlift, plank row, shoulder press, dumbbell kickback, and so on.

Can you drop the adjustable dumbbells?

We do not recommend dropping adjustable dumbbells. Dropping adjustable dumbbells may pose an injury risk and it may affect their functionality. 

Are the adjustable dumbbells reliable?

If used correctly and drops are avoided adjustable dumbbells are reliable and can serve you for a long time.

Can I do push-ups on adjustable dumbbells?

No, the design of adjustable dumbbells doesn’t let doing push-ups on them.

What weight selections are available?

Weight selections are different depending on the model you choose. One of our most popular models 5 to 52.5 adjustable dumbbells have the following weight selections:

5, 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15, 17.5, 20, 22.5, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 52.5 lbs.

What weight of dumbbells do I need?

We offer the lighter models that can be adjusted up to 45 lbs or 52.5 lbs. However more advanced lifters can require bigger weights. The models that are suitable for advanced level can be adjusted up to 70 or 90 pounds per dumbbell.

What are adjustable dumbbells made of?

The materials used in adjustable dumbbells are steel, nylon, ABS plastic and thermoplastic rubber.

What are the benefits of the adjustable dumbbells?

Adjustable dumbbells help you save space and money. If you go for a set of hexagonal dumbbells the complete set will cost 1000-2000$ depending of which weights you choose. Even organized on a 3-tier dumbbell rack a set of hexagonal dumbbells takes space. Meanwhile a set of adjustable dumbbells will cost you 300-600$ depending on the model and doesn’t require much space. You can see available models of adjustable dumbbells here.

Can I put them on the floor between sets?

Yes, putting the dumbbells on the floor between the sets when weight adjustment is not required is acceptable. Additional protection for the dumbbells and your floor in this case can be achieved by using rubber mats.

Are the adjustable dumbbells a must in a home gym?

You can start building your home gym with other components, such as a bench and a barbell with plates. However dumbbell exercises is a very effective way to get you in shape and progress with your strength training level. If you are not planning to get a set of hexagonal dumbbells, adjustable dumbbells can be a great option for you.

Are there any add-ons for adjustable dumbbells?

Most models of adjustable dumbbells have a stand designed for them, that lets you keep the dumbbells at about knee level, so that you don’t have to lift them from the floor after each set, which to safety and comfort of use. Stands are made of metal tubing and secure the tray of each dumbbell tray with a strap.

What other items do I use with adjustable dumbbells?

The number one item to use with adjustable dumbbells, except of the stand, is an exercise bench. You can see the benches that we have here.

Do dumbbells come with a stand?

Dumbbells come with the bases which keep the plates. You can purchase the stand separately. Check out our storage category for availability.

Do dumbbells come fully assembled?

Yes, the dumbbells are fully assembled and ready to use out of the box.

Are adjustable dumbbells safe?

Adjustable dumbbells are safe if you use and store them correctly. They need to be stored and used indoors and cannot be dropped while exercising.

Can I buy one adjustable dumbbell?

Sometimes we have a possibility to sell one dumbbell only depending on the model and availability. If you are looking to buy one dumbbell, please contact us to check availability.

Is the price listed for one or two dumbbells?

The listed price is for a pair of dumbbells. The quantity one means one pair.

Can I keep adjustable dumbbells outside?

No, adjustable dumbbells are designed to be used indoors and cannot be exposed to moisture, rain or direct sunlight.

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York Barbell in Montreal

If you are looking for a place to buy products by legendary company York Barbell that has over 90 years history and is one of the pioneers of weightlifting – you came to the right place. Our store represents this well known brand in Montreal, Quebec. As well as in a few other cities in Quebec in Ontario, such as Ottawa, Gatineau, Kingston, and so on.

The company has own production facility in Oakville, Ontario. Many products are made in Canada and in the USA from North American steel. Our online store has the best selection of products by York Barbell in Montreal.

The company products include iron plates, bumper plates, benches, barbells, and much more.

York Barbell montreal
York Barbell iron plates

Whenever you choose to buy York Barbell products in Montreal for your gym you can benefit from our great delivery service. Get them delivered to your door, or pick them up at one of our pickup locations. You can select one or the other at checkout.

We are glad to be able to offer you high quality and products, and we are looking forward to seeing you!

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Short Power Rack For Basement

If you decide to build your home gym in basement you may need to consider the height of your basement ceiling. If the height of ceiling is 8 feet (96 inches) or lower you may want to consider a short rack. Usually the ceiling height issue is find in basements, but it also can be short garages or sheds meant to be used for home gyms. Regular size racks are in the range of 83-85 inches. Even if they fit they may have limited functionality. For example, pull up bar next to your ceiling won’t let you do pull-ups normally. However there is a solution to that, which is a short power rack for basement.

Our Short Rack

Our short rack has an assembled height of 72 inches and is rated the best of short squat racks by Strong Home Gym review. In their opinion, to which we agree, it is the best rack on the market by the price / quality ratio. Made with 2×2″ 14 Gauge Steel uprights it is a very reliable and stable piece of gym equipment.

This power cage includes two pull up bars of different diameter to do exercises with different grip. It also features two built-in plates storage pegs. Plate storage keeps your home gym organized and adds to stability of the rack. This being said, our short rack can be the best choice when you need a short power rack for basement.

short power rack for basement
GF-1050 Short Rack

Our short rack has 700 lbs capacity and 400 lbs pull-up bar capacity and is safe for home gym application and will help you in your strength training. Adjustable J hooks have plastic protection to keep your equipment safe from scratches. Adjustable height spotter arms make your bench press safe if you exercise alone. The add-on dip station can be purchased additionally and doesn’t cost much. The rack is easy to assemble and will help you in your weights workouts. We have a great selection of benches to use with this rack, you can check them out here.


If you need the rack in Montreal, Ottawa, Kingston or around these cities you can benefit from our great delivery service. It costs 30$ flat rate no matter how big or small the order is.

You can find all our power racks and attachments here.

If you are also looking for an adjustable bench, here is our write-up on how to choose it.

Thank you for your interest, hope we made it more simple for you to choose your perfect squat rack!

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Commercial Power Rack

Our store offers a great selection of power racks both for home and commercial use. While it can be challenging to choose the correct one for you, since there are quite a lot of offers on the market. However, there are a few principles to apply that can make your selection process easier.

Pay attention to your ceiling height, as some of the racks can be too tall, for example if you are planning to install it in your basement. If this is the case your choice can be our short rack, which is only 72” tall.

You can also save about two inches of height if you choose a taller rack and flip the pull up bar so that it doesn’t face up from the rack frame, but instead faces down.

Important thing to consider is rack’s weight capacity and also which add ons are included with the rack. Our favorite and most popular rack is Commercial Power Rack 5G which is build with 2.5” x 2.5” 2.5mm commercial tubing. This frame tubing makes the rack solid and able to hold heavy weights. This rack is perfect for home or commercial use.

commercial power rack
Commercial Rack 5G

Note that the rack includes four j-hooks out of the box as well as eight band pegs. It also features dip station, two storage pegs, and so on. Many of the racks available on the market offer these elements only as separate products that need to be purchased additionally.

Pickup and Delivery

Commercial Power Rack 5G and many other racks are available for pickup in Saint-Lazare (near Montreal). We also offer meetup for pickup in Ottawa and Kingston. If you prefer the rack delivered to your door you can benefit from our great delivery service. It costs 30$ flat rate no matter how big or small the order is. We made some research and we think our delivery service is the most budget friendly around.

The whole selection of power racks we have to offer can be found here. We hope you select the power rack that fits your needs the best!