Dumbbells Montreal: Buyer’s Guide

In this short we will answer some important questions. How to choose dumbbells for your home gym? What kinds of dumbbells are offered? And the last but not least, how to get dumbbells in Montreal? So let’s jump in and discuss this vital topic.

Dumbbells are essential for any gym. We don’t even remember seeing a home gym setup that doesn’t have dumbbells in it. The reason f this popularity is that the dumbbells give access to a great range of exercises, add a bench and you can perform exercises for almost all the muscles of upper body.

What Kind of Dumbbells Do We Offer?

The biggest decision to make here is whether you want a set of fixed weight dumbbells or a pair of adjustable dumbbells instead. Adjustable dumbbells have an advantage of saving space and budget, since you need only one pair to cover all your fitness needs. Fixed weight dumbbells on the other hand are more durable and can be dropped on the floor, and they are also the easiest t switch between sets or reps.

If you decide to go for an adjustable option you need to think which maximum weight will you need, we have 45, 52.5. 70, 90 pounds options available.

dumbbells Montreal
Hex Dumbbell

If you prefer fixed weights, the most popular option is hexagonal (hex) rubber coated dumbbells. We also have expensive commercial dumbbells, but they are less popular.

Dumbbells In Montreal: Delivery Or Pickup

Now that you have some information on the dumbbells let’s see how you can get them. We offer a flat sipping rate of 30$. At this rate you can order as much fitness equipment as you need. If you prefer to avoid any shipping cost, we have our pickup location in Saint-Lazare, close to Montreal island. Fell free to explore our dumbbells collection, and we will be happy to bring the ones you like to you 🙂