Dumbbells Ottawa, Where To Buy?

Why are they so hard to find at a reasonable price? One thing about dumbbells is that they are heavy, so shipping cost usually ads a big part of total cost. Most fitness equipment brands ship their products by courier companies, which usually charge per box, so if you need a few pairs the cost to ship them to you is huge. Let’s see if we can help you find dumbbells in Ottawa.

Delivery of Dumbbells In Ottawa

We found the solution to this problem. In order to help fitness enthusiasts like you to build their ideal home gym we developed our delivery system. We charge flat shipping fee of 30$ no matter if your order is small or big. This way we offer the shipping at the most affordable level around. Your order will be delivered to youyr door.

We also made one extra step in case you would like to skip the shipping cost all together. Once a week we offer pickup location at Billing’s Bridge shopping centre. This way you pay for the products only, no shipping cost.

Which Dumbbells Do We Offer?

The most common kind of dumbbells our clients prefer are hexagonal dumbbells, also known as hex dumbbells. These are available at the range between 5 to 100 lbs. They are rubber coated made with quality materials, have low odour and steel handle is ergonomically designed and reliable.

dumbbells Ottawa
10 To 90 lbs Adjustable Dumbbells

Another popular choice is adjustable dumbbells. That’t one pair of dumbbells the weight of which can be adjusted. With the spin of dial or a twist of a handle, depending on the model, the dumbbell ads or leaves plates on the cradle. These dumbbells let you save space and budget, since you need only one pair to cover most of your fitness needs.

You can see the whole selection of the dumbbells we offer here. Now that you are equipped with necessary information, feel free to browse the products we offer, choose the ones you love the msot and let us know, we will be happy to bring them to you and support your fitness journey!