Kettlebells Kingston

In this short text we will cover an important question. Where do you get kettlebells in Kingston, Ontario? Additionally we will describe the kettlebells we offer.

Kettlebells is a versatile fitness tool, praised for its suitability a wide range of exercises that involve most muscles of upper body. Exercising with kettlebells involves natural unrestricted moves and therefor develops not only main muscles, but also smaller supporting muscles that are hard to target with other exercises.

Exercises with kettlebells revived popularity recently. Like many products in demand kettlebells became expensive, often without any reason. At My Sports Shop we are trying to keep our prices as low as we can in order to grow fitness community. Eventually we believe it will be beneficial both for fitness lovers in our area and for our company.

kettlebells Kingston
Cast Iron Kettlebell

From one of our clients we have heard that our prices are half of what he saw at some other place. It is true, but how is it possible? We are a highly specialized store focusing on home gym equipment, which lets us control the pricing better. The only thing that is not compromised is the quality, we offer the highest quality cast iron kettlebells. To prove it, as an example, we are a preferred and only supplier of kettlebells to the biggest kettlebell clubs in Montreal and Ottawa.

Kettlebells In Kingston: Delivery

Now that we described our products, let us give you some info on how pickup and delivery system works. We offer a flat shipping rate of 30$ to your address in Kingston, or around. We deliver to Napanee and Gananoque as well. No matter how big your order is you can have it delivered with one flat fee. Isn’t it a difference compared to many fitness equipment suppliers, which charge shipping per box?

If you prefer to a void shipping cost completely we offer a pickup location once a week and Kingslake Plaza. This way you are paying for your order only, no shipping. Now that you have all the basic info, feel free to explore our kettlebells collection, choose the one you like and we will be happy to bring it to you!