Power Rack Cornwall, Ontario, Where To Buy?

Power rack is one of the essential elements of most home gyms. You have an exercise bench, and some weights. Next logical step is to bring your home gym to the next level by upgrading it with a squat rack.

Before we describe some power racks that we offer, let us tell you why our delivery system makes our offer the most attractive. If you are located in Cornwall, Ontario, or around.

Delivery to Cornwall

We know the issue that many fitness enthusiasts experience when ordering fitness equipment from fitness equipment brands. We thought it was a problem too. The delivery system that we developed helps home gym owners to get affordable fitness equipment. We offers flat shipping rate of 30$ for delivery to your address. No matter how big or small your order is. Isn’t it a big progress, as compared to shipping charge per box?

We also know it can be hard these days to trust an online store if you never purchased from it before. That’s while the payment option cash on delivery is always offered. Now that you know how to get your equipment in Cornwall let’s take a look at power racks available at our store.

Power Racks, Cornwall: What Do We Have?

We try to offer power racks for every possible need. Such as the case when the space is limited. When the gym requires a power rack with additional functionality to combine a few units into one. Also when maximum weight load is the key for intensive use at a commercial gym.

Our best on the market short rack is only 72” high and can fit into any basement, when the low ceilings don’t let to install full size racks.

power rack Cornwall
GF-1050 Short Rack

Commercial quality half rack with lat pulldown attachment saves space while offering access to low row and lat pulldown exercises in addition to bench press and squats.

power rack Cornwall
Half Rack With Lat Pulldown

Feel free our full collection of power racks here. Once you decided which power rack would be the best let us know, we will be happy to bring it to you! Hope this article provided you some helpful information and will make your process of choosing your perfect power rack easier!