Power Rack, Kingston, Ontario. Where To Buy?

As we already mentioned you can buy dumbbells, barbells and other fitness equipment for your home or commercial gym in our online store and get it delivered to your address in Kington or around. The next logical step in bringing your home gym to the next level could be upgrading it with a power rack, also called squat rack. We offer power racks in Kingston.

Power rack is vital piece of equipment if you are serious about bench press and squats training. It provides you safety and allows you to push your limits and increase the weight of your barbell exercise. Power rack provides an easy way out if the weight of your barbell on one more rep happened to be excessive.

Let’s explore what options of power racks we offer and how does delivery work.

Power Rack, Kingston: Delivery

We solved a problem that fitness enthusiasts we’re experiencing, when fitness equipment brand charge them shipping fees per box. Power racks often come in multiple boxes and shipping cost adds really fast. It gets even worse when you add some more equipment to it, such as a bench, a barbell and weights. We solved this problem once and for good.

Our delivery system offers one flat shipping rate of 30$. At this rate you can have any quantity of equipment delivered to your door. This way you have the same shipping rate as Ottawa and Montreal. Isn’t it convenient?

What Racks Do You Offer?

We have racks of different levels starting from more affordable options that are great for home gyms. We also offer heavy duty commercial power racks that can withstand rigorous use at commercial gym, and we have options in between.

Some of our racks are designed to save space, such as the best on the market short rack that will fit in the room with low ceilings, for example in a basement. Wall mounted folding rack doesn’t take much space and can be folded to the wall after your workout.

power rack Kingston
Ultimate Power Rack 3.3

We also have racks that have additional functionality from the box, such lat pulldown. Feel free to explore our full collection of squat racks in Canada, available for pickup or delivery in Kingston, Ontario and around. Once you make your choice we will be happy to bring it to you.