Rubber Mats Belleville, Ontario

You may have heard about our online store by now. We specialize in helping fitness enthusiasts to build their home gyms. We also supply fitness equipment to commercial gyms and PT studios.

It can be a good idea to start building your home gym with rubber flooring, so that you don’t have to move your equipment after. Gym rubber flooring serves the following roles:

  • Protects your floor. Gym equipment is heavy and made of metal, meaning it can scratch your floor in no time. That’s why most home gyms need rubber flooring for protection.
  • It also protects your fitness equipment. Rubber surface provides shock absorption, that’s how your valuable equipment can be protected from breakage.
    • Noise reduction. It is often very important to keep home environment free from workout noise or at least to limit it. Rubber flooring does it to.

If you decide that gym rubber mats is what you need how do you get them in Belleville, Ontario or around?

Delivery To Belleville

Our store provides delivery to Belleville, Ontario at the flat shipping rate of 30$. No matter how big order is, you can have it all delivered paying only the flat rate onjce.

Rubber Mats In Belleville: What Kind of Mats?

Rubber mats vary by their thickness. We offer mats starting from 6mm going up to 8mm, 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch. All of them are popular, but serve a little different purpose.

6mm – light application, home gym in a living room or office. Greta for dumbbell exercises, HIIT and yoga

8mm – more heavy duty, can withstand heavy weight trainings and use of cardio machines

1/2 inch – popular option to put a power rack, Smith machine or other heavy gym equipment on.

rubber mats belleville
1/2” Rubber Mats

3/4 inch – specialized mats for the most heavy lifts, record setting workouts

1 inch and up – impact tiles for playgrounds, martial art schools, etc.

Mats also vary by colour, you can choose between plain black and black with speckles of different colours. You can see rubber mats we offer in Belleville here. Once you decide which mats fit your needs the best, let us know and we will be happy to deliver them to you!