Rubber Mats Montreal: Buyer’s Guide

Sooner or later most home gym owners come to the idea to upgrade their gym with rubber flooring. Let’s explore what advantages rubber mats provide, what kind to choose, where and how to buy rubber mats in Montreal.

Here are the main benefits rubber mats provide:

  • Protection of your flooring. Rubber mats absorb shock of dropped weights and prevent scratches by metal parts of your fitness equipment
  • Rubber mats also protect your fitness equipment from damage of hitting the floor, creating safe and comfortable environment. As an advantage your gym with possibly start reminding you your local gym you used to go to.
  • Sound isolation. Especially important for home gym environment, as you don’t want the sound of dropping weights to spread all around your household.

What Kind Of Mats Do We Offer?

At our online store we offered a variety of mats that differ by colour, thickness, and installation method. Some of the include:

  • Interlocking mats: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm. They are 2×2 feet and can be cut with an exacto knife to the shape of your room
  • 4×6′ rubber mats, we have them speckled, or black. With a different thickness starting from 8mm which is a great option for a living room or office. Followed by the most popular 1/2 inch thick black mats and going up to 3/4” thick rubber mats used for the most heavy lifting and record setting.
  • Impact tiles, used for playgrounds and martial arts schools
  • Rubber rolls

You can see our whole collection of rubber mats in Montreal here.

How Does Delivery Of Rubber Mats In Montreal Work?

We offer a flat delivery rate of 30$ and at this rate you can have delivered as many mats as you wish. Feel free to palce the order and we will have your mats delivered to your gym. Thank you for your interest and we hope to see you soon!