York ETS Saddle Rack for Pro Style Dumbbells


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ETS Saddle Rack for Pro Style Dumbbells

York ETS Saddle Dumbbell Rack is as attractive as it is functional. The curved tubing and sturdy legs provide a high level of stability and ease of use. This storage rack is designed specifically for the Pro Style Dumbbell Series which fit easily into the saddles of this rack for protection against wear and tear. Each saddle is spaced 5” apart in order to ensure safe racking and un-racking of the dumbbells. York ETS Saddle Rack is available in two different options, 2-tier or 3-tier. The 2-tier option holds 10 pairs of Pro Style Dumbbells while the 3-tier option holds 18 pairs.

Product Specifications

2-Tier: 102” L x 35” H x 26” D (at base)

3 Tier:  120” L x 40? H x 26” D (at base)



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