York Perform Fitness Bench

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York Perform Fitness Bench

York Perform Fitness Bench brings a touch of style to training with weights.
Use the bench with a set of dumbbells to work your biceps, triceps, chest, and shoulders.
This bench features an easy adjustable back – from flat to 90 degrees in seconds.
3 weight storage rungs add easy storage for your dumbbells.
The sturdy construction combined with York’s standards of design give the bench a professional feel in the comfort of your own home.

Adjustable Back Degree Options
0, 25, 45, 85, 90

Take a look at our selection of dumbbells that can be used with this bench.

1 review for York Perform Fitness Bench

  1. Sophie Girard

    I bought this bench for bright colours, but keep it for being great choice for my fitness routine. I don’t really use those dumbbell hangers under the seat, because I have a dumbbell rack, but it can be useful for you if you don’t have one! 5/5

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