Barbell In Kingston

Here is the situation. You live in Kingston or around, and looking to buy a barbell for your home gym, or PT studio. The intention is great. At least one barbell is the essential element of any home gym. What do you do and where do ypu find one? Let’s see if we can help!

First things first, let’s figure out what kind of barbell you need. The two common kinds is a barbell with 1 inch diameter sleeves, also known as standard barbells. These barbells are more basic, and their sleeves don’t rotate. This kind of barbells can be used at the beginner level of your fitness journey or for specialized exercises, such as specifically for biceps curls. You can see selection of standard barbells we have here.

barbell kingston
Competition Olympic Barbell

More often fitness enthusiasts choose so called Olympic barbells for their exercises. These barbells have 2 inch diameter sleeves that rotate. Rotation of the sleeve ads stability to your workout, increases safety and prevents injuries. Olympic barbells vary by weight capacity, you can see in our store we offer Olympic barbells in the range from the basic ones with weight capacity 700 lbs to competition top quality barbells with weight capacity 1500 lbs. There are other differences between barbells, you can find more information by reading descriptions of individual products.

Apart from that we offer specialty barbells, such as safety squat barbells, Swiss bars, trap bars, and many others. Some of these products are unique and either not available in Canada at all or are sold by way higher [rice by other fitness brands.

Barbell In Kingston, Ontario. Delivery

Now we got to an interesting part, how do you get the barbell in Kingston? It is easy. Kingston is within our delivery area. We offer delivery to your address art the flat rate of 30$ no matter how big the order is, so feel free to add some weight plates while you are at it. We also offer pickup at Leon’s Furniture store in Kingston once a week. This way you save even more and avoid shipping cost all together.

Do you know any other way to access all the variety of home gym fitness equipment without paying shipping cost? We don’t know either. So don;t rush, take a look atthe barbells we offer. Contact us in case you have any questions, and choose the best barbell for you!