1" Standard Bars

Standard Barbell: Great Choice For a Compact Home Gym

1 inch barbell, also known as a standard barbell, is a great choice for strength training if you are not planning to lift heavy weights. These barbells are built lighter than Olympic barbells and have weight capacity of 200-300 pounds. The plates that fit standard barbell need to have centre hole with 1 inch diameter, they are called standard plates.

Standard 1 Inch Barbell is built as one solid piece, its plate loading sleeves don’t rotate, unlike the ones on olympic barbells, which have 2 inch rotating sleeves. Standard barbell sleeves can be either smooth, that can be used with spring collars, or threaded which are used with threaded collars. Barbells with both types of sleeves are available at our store.

1 Inch Barbell is an Affordable and Space Saving Solution

One of the advantages of standard 1 inch barbells is their affordability. They are not as heavy as Olympic barbells and have a simpler design. Their cost is two to three times cheaper than their counterparts with 2 inch diameter sleeves. This makes them an attractive option to build a home gym on a budget.

Standard 1” barbells are available with shorter length compared to Olympic barbells, at our store you can find them in the length of 5, 5.5, 6 feet. The compact size makes them a great choice for space saving, they fit smaller workout spaces better and they are easier to store. However, if space saving is not your goal and you still prefer to standard barbell over Olympic, 7 feet version is also available