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Showing 1–12 of 16 results

Specialty Barbells For Targeted Training

Specialty barbells is a specialized equipment designed to explore unique training options, build muscles and improve fitness performance. These barbells provide alternative grip positions and angles specific for exercises they are intended to use for. They provide comfort and effectiveness to exercises while reducing stress on joints and injury risk.

Some of the popular specialty bars include ez bars, Swiss bars, trap bars, tricep extension bars. Let’s take a look at some of these popular pieces of strength training equipment.

Specialty Barbells: EZ Bar

EZ bar, also known as a curl bar, has a curved shape in the middle. It helps perform exercises with different angles, which lets arm muscles work differently from the straight bar exercises and target different parts of muscles. As a result training with EZ bar provides well-rounded arm development. Curved bar also reduces strain on wrists and elbows. EZ bar is a popular choice for arm muscles specific exercises such as biceps curls, tricep extensions, upright barbell rows.

Specialty Barbells: Swiss Bar

Swiss bar, also known as a Football Bar to Multi-Grip Bar, is a specialty bar designed to provide variety of grip options such as neutral or hammer grip and pronated (overhand) grip. Swiss bar provides a great versatility for upper body exercises such as bench presses, curls, rows and overhead presses.

Swiss bar has the following benefits as opposed to a regular straight bar. It reduces stress on shoulders and wrists which lets you perform exercises with heavier weights with less risk of injury. It provides additional stability when performing bench presses letting you exercise with improved balance and control. Moreover, alternative grips let you target different parts of muscles to improve muscles growth and strength gains.

Specialty Barbells: Tricep Bar

Tricep bar is designed to provide neutral grip position while performing tricep extensions and close grip bench presses. Isolation of tricep muscles during these exercises allows for concentrated muscle activation, leading to improved tricep strength and development. Additionally, the neutral grip position engages the muscles differently, providing a unique training stimulus for those seeking variety in their workouts.

Overall specialty barbells provide variety to your exercise routine. Alternative grip positions help reduce the stress on joints and activate parts of muscles that are not activated during exercises with other gym equipment. Isolating specific muscles helps build strength and improve muscle development. Specialty barbells can help you achieve your fitness goals faster and injury free.