Rubber grip plates

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Showing 1–12 of 24 results

Rubber grip plates, also called try grip, have three holes on them, which make three handles to hold the plate. Grip Rubber Plates are made of cast iron covered with a thick layer of virgin rubber.

Rubber coating protects your gym equipment and flooring and also makes workouts safer for the athlete. Your workouts will be less noisy as compared to iron plates.

Rubber grip plates have 50mm diameter centre hole and fit Olympic bars. They are built for strength training at home or commercial gyms. These plates provide additional functionality with their grip design. Increased functionality lets you perform a great variety of moves and full-body workouts.

You can use them without a barbell for exercises like weighted abs press, sit-ups, triceps press, front lunge and twist, and others. Three holes let you hold the plate firm and stable. Grip design also lets you load and unload the bar easily, the plate can be carried with one hand. 

Grip rubber plates are sold individually and in sets. Sizes of the plates are from 2.5 to 45 pounds.

Despite rubber coating, grip plates are not designed to be dropped. If you plan to perform Olympic lifts, or other exercises that require dropping, we recommend to take consider bumper plates.

Rubber grip plates have slick surface and are easy to clean. They are also durable and built to last.

Here is how to perform a few exercises with a single plate.

Sit-Up With a Weight Plate

Lie down on your back and hold the plate firm with your both hands. Extend both hands above your head. Keep your heels on the floor. Lift your head, shoulders and torso off the floor. Make sure you initiate the movement with your abdominal muscles, and not by arms swing. When you sit up extend the plate upward above your head. Slowly release your torso to staring position.

Standing Twist

Stand with your feet at above shoulder width, hold a plate with your hands in front of you with your forearms at horizontal position and elbows at your sides. Rotate your torso to the side with your feet remain planted on the floor. Change direction and rotate to the opposite side. Your moves should be powerful, quick and continuous.