1" Standard Plates

1” Standard Plates is a simple, but versatile option that is offered in a variety of sizes. They have 1” centre hole and can be used only with the barbells and handles of this size.

These plates are popular to be used with 1” standard dumbbell handles to make an adjustable set of dumbbells. Loadable adjustable dumbbells is a great way to save space and budget for your home gym. With loadable dumbbells you don’t need to have a large set of dumbbells that takes a lot of space.

We have many standard barbells to choose from , that can be used with these plates.

Standard Cast Iron Plates are made of durable cast iron which ensures these plates last long. One of the advantages of these plates is that they are smaller than Olympic plates. Equipment that fits standard plates, such as barbells, is also smaller. This can be a benefit for small home gyms.

You should take into consideration which equipment you are planning to use for the future. While many machines, such as plate loadable arm and leg curl machines, functional trainers and others can use both standard and Olympic plates, as they have an adapter to switch between standards, some are built specifically for Olympic weights.

These plates are covered with semi-gloss grey paint to prevent them from rusting and to make them look great. The plates come in two styles, called Contour and Pro. Both styles come in sizes from 2.5 to 25 pounds, which make them versatile for a wide variety of exercises.

1” plates is a good choice for beginner to intermediate level athlete. You will need to upgrade your equipment to Olympic once the weights you lift exceed 200-300 pounds, which is the maximum capacity for standard  1” barbells.

The product comes with 1 year warranty.