Black Cast Iron Plates

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Showing all 8 results

Black Iron Plates is a great choice for any home gym, school weights room or commercial gym. They have classic attractive design, budget friendly price and high quality materials.

These plates fit any Olympic bars, that have 2” sleeves. Iron plates are preferred by athletes who left heavy weights. These plates take less space on the barbell than bumper plates, so that it is possible to load a heavier barbell with them.


Raised and painted letters make the plates look great and also make the weights easy to identify.
Plates are made of cast iron and they are powder coated in black to give them clean and attractive look.
Outer edge of the plate is raised for each loading and handling of the plates.
Old school sound of classic weight lifting era ads aesthetics to your workout.

How To Use

Olympic Iron Plates are great for strength training, bodybuilding, powerlifting and other disciplines that don’t require dropping of the weights. If you are planning to perform the lifts that require dropping, such as Olympic weightlifting, and often times Crossfit and HIIT you would be better off with bumper plates or rubber coated grip plates.


Iron plates is the product that will last long as they are made with very durable material. When you make a decision to purchase iron plates for your gym you can be sure they will last for years. There are even people who collect vintage iron plates as a hobby, and they are able to find plates that were made decades ago and are still in good condition to be used for workouts.

Whether your fitness goal is increasing strength or durability, building muscles, loosing or gaining weight Olympic Black Iron plates is a universal solution that will help you achieve your goal and they look great on Instagram pictures too!

Sizes: 2.5, 5, 10, 25, 35, 45 lbs
Finish: Black powder coating
Material: Cast Iron
Openning diameter: 2”
Weight tolerance: 2%

The product comes with 1 year warranty.