175lb Iso-Grip Steel Plate Set
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175lb Iso-Grip Steel Plate Set

175lb Iso-Grip Steel Plate is the industry’s answer to a 360-degree easy-pick-up plate cleverly achieved by casting the hub thicker than the rim. The patent-pending, radical benefit of a thicker hub and a streamlined rim is the anti-pinch nature of using the plates. The streamlined rim ensures a comfortable grip and enhanced maneuverability with its 3-grip design. The steel composite casting coating makes these plates highly durable. Perfect for school weight rooms, in-home gyms, and commercial settings.

Iso Grip Rubber Olympic Weight Plate Set Includes:

  • – 2½ Lb
  • 2 – 5 Lb
  • 2 – 10 Lb
  • 2 – 25 Lb
  • 2 – 45 Lb

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1 review for 175lb Iso-Grip Steel Plate Set
  1. thierrylauzon

    I like this tri grip design more than just regular plates. I can do different exercises using just plates themselves without the bar. Even though they don’t have rubber coating they are still smooth and it’s perfectly fine to hold them with bare hands. Overall it’s a good product!

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