Artificial grass Dpxp Elite Indoor sport


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Artificial grass DPXP Elite Indoor sport

Artificial grass DPXP Elite designed for indoor sports, sled training, running tracks, batting cages. Perfect for speed sled grass track in CrossFit training.

The price is 7.49$ per square feet.

The grass comes in 15×50′ rolls and can be cut according to your needs.
For example if you are building 100′ long speed sled grass track you can have it cut lengthwise and get 100×7.5′ track good for one person training.
Many gyms prefer to have wider grass track 15′ wide good for two people to race.
Can be installed on concrete or other flat and hard surfaces.

We can customize the shape and colour of your track with start, finish and distance marks, as well as your logo.

We provide cutting and installation services, the price for which will be discussed individually according to details of your project.

Artificial grass Dpxp Elite is powered by the ultra premium Tapeslide XP yarn and comes standard on a 5mm foam backing.
8mm and 10mm foam backing available via custom order.

Face Weight: 48 oz
Backing: 5mm Cushioned Backing
Color: Blend
Pile Height: 3/4″
Extreme Shock Absorption
Custom Sizes Available
Warranty: 5 years

Sport (speed sled grass track, running tracks, batting cages)
Heavy Traffic

3/4″ height for optimum performance
Simulates real grass with NO INFILL required
Uniquely formulated 5mm foam backing
Heat and Frost resistant, UV stabilized
No harmful environmental effects
Non-flammable, ant-acid yarn resistant to attack

Pile/Face Weight: 48 oz
Pile Height: 0.75″

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