Rubber Gym Mat 4×6′ 1/2”
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Rubber Gym Mat 4×6′ 1/2”


Rubber Gym Mat 4×6′ has little smell compared to others.
Perfect quality and condition, they are new, recently produced, have no micro cracks or missing crumbs of rubber.
They are effective, comfortable, long-lasting and economical solution for those who want the best at an affordable price.
Manufactured from 100% recycled high-density  rubber our mats have an exclusive non-slip surface that doesn’t absorb fluids.
Easy to install, generate no dust, unlike straw, sawdust, sand or rubber granules.
Our rubber mat can be use for gyms, horse stalls, anti-fatigue mats, hockey arenas, workstations and many more…

More Comfort

The flat, non-slip, shock-absorbent surface (even when wet) provides better traction and ease of movement. They reduce the stress related to frequently moving around.

More Safety with Gym Rubber Mats

The use of rubber flooring significantly reduces the number of falls and helps to eliminate serious injuries.
Outfit your home gym or fitness center for safe, serious workouts!

Better Hygiene

Being non-porous and made of 100% recycled rubber, these rubber mats are easy to clean and disinfect for a healthier environment. Unlike concrete, asphalt, bare earth and wood shavings, they don’t absorb fluids or promote the development of bacteria.
Our rubber flooring is the perfect solution for :
Home and commercial gyms
Exercise areas and arenas
Horse Stalls and boxes
Horse walkways
Hockey Arenas
Shower rooms
Special mats
Industrial Floor

Versatility of Rubber Mats

These gym rubber mats are incredibly versatile, finding excellent application in gyms, horse stalls, hickey areas, etc. Their durable construction and non-slip surface make them ideal for intense workout sessions, providing a safe and comfortable environment for gym-goers. The shock-absorbent properties of the mats reduce the risk of injuries and offer enhanced traction, even when wet.

In addition, these mats serve as excellent horse stall mats. Their thick and supportive surface provides comfort for horses, reducing the strain on their joints and minimizing the risk of discomfort or injury. The non-slip nature of the mats ensures stable footing for horses, promoting their safety and well-being.

With their versatility in both gym and horse applications, these gym rubber mats offer a reliable and practical solution for creating an optimal environment.


Long-lasting and recognized for their design quality and comfort
Generates no dust and requires no special maintenance
Protect your floor
Anti-Fatigue properties
Tuile de caoutchouc, tapis 4×6 1/2”
Size: 4’x6’
Thickness: 1/2”

Rubber Gym mats 3/4″ thick are also available

5 reviews for Rubber Gym Mat 4×6′ 1/2”
  1. grubdunkman (store manager)

    I use four of these mats at my home gym for about a year, since last August.
    I looked at quite a few mats from different suppliers before making a purchase, and found these to be the best.

  2. Steve Williams

    Solid product, heavy and firm. Smell didn’t bother even in the limited space inside my suv while I was bringing them home.

  3. Alexandre

    These mats were recommended to me by My Sports Shop when I was purchasing my power rack from them. They specifically mentioned a few times that these mats don’t smell. I can confirm. I’m using them in my basement, and the smell is almost non existent. I’m planning to buy 3 more mats a bit later, as my home gym is growing. I decided to build it solid in case of another pandemic.

  4. Raphael

    You need this one! You can just put them on the floor, they are heavy so don’t require any glue or tape to secure them. They also don’t smell. Before getting these mats I went to one seller on South shore, damn those mats were aweful. Falling apart and the seller wanted same money 80$ per mat. So I kept my reseracjh until I found these mats at mysportsshop. I picked them up in Saint-Lazare. The quality is flawless like you would expect from the new product. Not a single crack or missing chunks.

  5. Robin

    Great mats, don’t smell! Was told they are made in Canada.

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