FID Adjustable Bench G1
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FID Adjustable Bench G1

G1 adjustable bench



Flat-incline-decline FID adjustable bench with 1000 pounds weight capacity.
The bench has exceptionally versatile functionality and heavy duty steel construction.
Ladder-style adjustment system in chrome finish lets you adjust position of the bench fast between workouts.
The bench has seven positions of back pad, from 85 to -20 degrees. Seat pad can be adjusted to five positions.

It features a 11.5″ wide non-slip pad made of grippy textured vinyl.
While in decline position the built-in leg attachment swings out to secure your legs.
Wheels located at the back allow you move the bench around your gym easily.

fid adjustable bench

  • Flat, incline, decline and military press positions
  • Back pad adjusted in 7 Positions. Angles: -20, 0, 20, 35, 50, 65, 85
  • Seat pad adjusted in 5 positions. Angles: 0, 5, 10, 15, 20
  • Built-in adjustable leg holder
  • Oversized foam rollers for comfort
  • Fits most squat racks, cages and Smith Machines
  • High-density durable upholstery
  • High-quality metallic powder coating
  • Maximum weight capacity 1000 lbs
  • Wheels and handle for easy transport
  • Bench weight 95 lbs
  • Height 17.9”
  • Width 26.4”
  • Length 55.5”
  • Back pad length 36.6”
  • Pad width 11.4” tapers
  • Seat pad length 14.75”
  • Pad gap 1.8”
  • Footprint 6.4 SQFT
  • Material 14 & 7 gauge steel


fid adjustable bench

What exercises can I do on this bench?

Some of the exercises you can perform on FID bench include:

Dumbbell or barbell bench press
Bench press is well known as the best chest exercise ever.
Dumbbell bench press lets you perform the lifts in the larger range of motion and also recruits stabilizer muscles.
Barbell bench press lets you lift heavier weight to build upper body strength.
By the way you may be interested to take a look at the dumbbells and barbells we have in our store.

Incline bench press
Another great exercise focusing on chest.
Hitting a muscle from varying degrees of incline angles helps building a chiseled chest more thoroughly.

Decline bench dumbbell pull-over
This exercise works your chest, triceps and lats with great intensity.
It provides great amount of stretch when you move the weight down behind your head.

Being exceptionally versatile piece of equipment the adjustable bench lets you perform great variety of exercises to the point that it is hard to list them all.
They include seated dumbbell shoulder press, incline bicep curl, decline situps and crunches and many more.

Which muscles can I train on FID adjustable bench?

Adjustable bench lets you exercise most muscles of upper body, including chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, core muscles.
Some exercises for lower body can also be performed on the adjustable bench.

fid adjustable bench

1 Year frame warranty
90 days upholstery warranty

3 reviews for FID Adjustable Bench G1
  1. Mike

    One of the best benches around, very happy with my purchase. High quality materials and the bench is rock solid. Recommended it to a friend he’s very happy as well. That’s the same bench as rep fitness.

  2. Robert M

    This is a great bench. Built heavy duty. I’m 245 lbs, lifting 270. The bench is super sturdy. I realized how useful the seat adjustment is only after purchase, lets you select the best position for any incline.

  3. Michael

    Got this bench around half a year ago. Even after regular use (3-4 trainings every week, 1 hour each) it still looks like new. The ability to adjust the angle makes it super versatile for different exercises. Whether I’m doing flat bench press or incline dumbbell curls, this bench provides great support. It’s sturdy and feels safe even when lifting heavy weights. Plus, the compact design fits perfectly in my home gym.

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