Hex Dumbbells

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Hex dumbbells is a perfect solution for any home gym setup
It is a universal equipment for a wide variety of exercises for all muscle groups

Hex dumbbells can be used for strength training, CrossFit, HIIT
They are one of the most used items in the gym
It is a cost effective method to exercise at home
They are a training staple in fitness industry for many years


Ergonomically contoured stainless steel handles with knurling for better grip, chrome finish
Steel dumbbells head are coated with a thick layer of black 100% natural rubber

Rubber coating:

  1. protects your dumbbells, floor and other equipment
  2. adds comfort and safety to your workouts
  3. reduces noise
  4. enhances appearance
  5. easy to clean

Embossed weight indications on each side of the dumbbell
Hexagonal shape helps to use dumbbells safely, as they don’t roll on the floor
It also helps store the dumbbells on the floor or on a dumbbell rack

How to use

You can perform a ton of different exercises with hex dumbbells to improve your strength and endurance, build muscles or loose weight

Hex dumbbells are especially useful for floor dumbbell pushups, as they don’t roll
Some of the most popular and effective exercises you can perform with hex dumbbells are:
Dumbbell bench press, shoulder press, biceps curl, dumbbell fly press

You may need a bench as well to perform some of these exercises.

If you are looking for versatile equipment to improve your home gym – hex dumbbells is an excellent choice
They are one of the key elements to add to your fitness routine.

Hex dumbbells we offer come in sizes starting from 5 pounds going top to 90 pounds
Heavier dumbbells are available to order, don’t hesitate to contact us to get the price and availability

Hex dumbbells are sold individually
The price you see is for a single dumbbell, not a pair
We also offer dumbbells in sets, select a set you are interested in from dropdown list

1 review for Hex Dumbbells
  1. Cody

    Great value and quality. Look like they can serve forever in the home gym. I prefer a set of these dumbbells over adjustable dumbbells.

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