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York Pro Style Dumbbells feature best on the market ergonomically correct design to make your dumbbell workouts the best possible experience either at home or at the commercial gym.

The prices for individual dumbbells you see is per single dumbbell.

Ergonomic Handle

Rubber shoulders shorten the handle, which provides great control of the dumbbell during workout. It makes sure there is no hand travel due to large gaps between heads of the dumbbell and the hand. It also provides better comfort, balance and reduces hand and forearm fatigue due to over gripping.

The handle is fully knurled and has 30mm diameter. The handle passes through the steel inserts in the dumbbell heads and is welded to them to guarantee solid built. This lets dumbbells to be dropped while exercising and last long in commercial gym environment.

Virgin Rubber Coating

The thick virgin rubber coating around the steel inserts guarantees durability and makes the dumbbells look great to fit high class gyms. It also reduces noise level while working out and is easy to clean. It is softer than urethane which serves the purpose of equipment and flooring protection, as well as safety of athletes. Virgin rubber is a low odor material.

Commercial dumbbells are designed to help build a wide range of muscle groups. You can perform presses, curls, flies, deadlifts, kickbacks and so on, to build your biceps, triceps, lats, deltoids, back, glutes, and other muscles.


Dumbbells set is an essential component of the gym, as long as space saving is not your goal, in which case we recommend  adjustable or loadable dumbbells.

York Pro Style Medial Grip Commercial Dumbbells are available in sizes from 5 to 150 lbs in increment of 5 lbs. We offer them in sets as well as individually. We also offer 2-Tier and 3-Tier dumbbell storage racks specially designed for Pro Style Dumbbell series.


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