Seated Calf Raise Machine


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Seated Calf Raise Machine

Seated Calf Raise Machine will help you reach your lower body workout goals and achieve healthy calf muscles. This machine offers versatility and a range of exercises to strengthen and tone your calves.


  • HEAVY DUTY CALF RAISE MACHINE: This machine is designed to withstand heavy loads. Constructed with 12-gauge steel for strength and sturdiness, the Calf Machine is equipped with diamond plated foot plates to provide stability during calf raises and chrome plated sleeves that securely hold weights.
  • BUILD CALF STRENGTH: This leg machine effectively targets the soleus calf muscle, promoting enhanced growth with regular use. Furthermore, calf raises assist in rehabilitating Achilles tendon issues and provide support against the onset of shin splints.
  • ADJUSTABLE CALF MACHINE: Nothing beats simplicity and ease when it comes to beginning your workout. This machine is easy to customize for your size and comfort preferences, with 6 vertical and 5 horizontal settings for the knee pad that can be adjusted using steel popper pins. Once you’ve located the optimal position, simply lift your knees and move the safety bar for full range of motion!

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