Sissy Squat Machine


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Sissy Squat Machine

Sissy Squat Machine provides a unique, low-impact workout with unmatched stability and support. The solid construction includes a heavy-duty frame that can support up to 300lb, and a non-skid diamond plated footplate for extra safety. It also features adjustable calf and foot positions, so you can customize the exercise to your needs. Enjoy a more effective, comfortable workout with this machine.


  • 46″ L x 18″ W x 11″H, Capacity 300lb, Weight 40lb;
  • Calf Pad Width 18″, Adjustable Calf Pad 16 to 20 in;
  • Adjustable Foot Roller 5 to 8 In;
  • Non-skid diamond plated footplate;
  • Five adjustable calf pad positions;
  • Four adjustable foot roller positions.

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