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Gym for Apartment Building

Most if not all newly built condo buildings have a gym for the residents. Many offices these days have gyms for their employees as well. If you are a developer or a landlord in search of equipment we will be glad to help. We offer A to Z solutions for gym in apartment building or office of any size and specialization.

Our store sells equipment with delivery, and we also offer consulting, design, installation, and service of equipment after sale. We offer our services in Montreal, Ottawa, Kingston and areas between these cities.

Starting from optional free consultation we will offer you complete set of equipment and solutions according to your needs, so you can have one less thing to worry about. You can personalization of your gym with custom colour scheme, your branding or other custom solutions.

We take care of rubber flooring which comes in different formats, designs and thickness levels, indoor sports artificial grass, mirrors, storage units for weights.

Treadmills, rowers, air bikes, spin bikes and other cardio equipment essential for condominium gyms. We also offer weights, such as plates, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, and so on.

gym apartment building

Depending on the gym size in your apartment building and budget you may want to include a Smith machine and a functional trainer.

Next thing you need is a squat rack or 2-3 of them if you are building a bigger gym. We have commercial level power racks of a few kinds, which let perform squats, bench press and other exercises. Commercial adjustable incline bench is a versatile piece of equipment you need to use with a squat rack and we have a few kinds of them with a right quality for commercial application.

Following these steps you will get a well equipped gym in apartment building or office. You will have a great balance of functional exercise equipment, cardio equipment and weights for your residents. The balance between these three types of gym equipment is important no matter if your gym is big or small.

For easy start of your apartment building or office gym built, you can request information from us by clicking the black button below.

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