Crumb Rubber Bumper Plates

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Showing all 12 results

Crumb rubber bumper plates are durable and high quality product, crafted to last through even the most intensive exercises without loosing their texture or appearance.

They are designed to be used with 2” Olympic barbells. They have steel inserts that guarantee durability of these plates and also make weights loading and unloading from the bar easy.

The plates have 450mm diameter which is standard by IWF (International Weightlifting Federation). Tested to match claimed weight with 99% accuracy.

Crumb rubber bumper plates are great for Olympic weightlifting training and can be dropped from overhead position. Their bounce is safe to keep the barbell under control when dropped. They can be used in many other disciplines like cross training, HIIT, and so on. They are versatile and are great to use both at home or in commercial gyms.


Crumb rubber is a great material that ensures durability and have great impact protection, which helps you protect your equipment and flooring, reduce noise while exercising and provides safe environment for the athletes. It is. a new generation of bumper plates that addresses all the needs for weight training. Crumb rubber material makes them suitable to use outdoor as well.

Colour Coding

Speckled crumb rubber bumper plates are colour coded for easy plates identification. It helps avoid mistakes when loading the barbell, to make sure both sides of the bar are loaded equally. It also helps to keep your gym organized, especially at commercial facilities, where multiple athletes exercise at the same time, and keeping the place clean and safe is crucial.

10 and 15 lbs plates have thinner design, to be able to provide the same diameter as the heavier plates, therefor they are not designed to be dropped when used alone. These plates can be dropped only when loaded on the barbell in combination with heavier plates.

We offer crumb rubber bumper plates individually and in sets. We also have a variety of barbells to be used for your workouts.