Black Rubber Bumper Plates

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Showing all 12 results

Black rubber bumper plates are constructed with durability, strength and effectiveness in mind.
Simple yet effective design makes it a great choice when building your home gym or commercial facility.
Great for Olympic weightlifting, strength training, cross-training, HIIT and more!


Bumper plates effectively absorb impact when dropped and help protect your flooring and barbell.
Safe to drop from overhead position when performing Olympic lifts.
The material of the plates also reduces the noise level when exercising, that can be important at home use.
Low bounce rate of these plates helps keeping dropped bar controlled, which ads safety to the workouts.


Designed and tested by coaches and athletes these plates are go to when choosing the weights for your strength training.
Steel collar reinforces the plate and helps it last long so that it can stay strong through the most intensive exercises.
Manufactured plates undergo intense factory tests, were they are dropped thousands of times from 8 feet level.
This ensures only high quality products reach the customers.

Black rubber bumper plates are budget friendly and we find them a great choice for home gyms, school weight rooms, as well as commercial gyms.
This product is designed to satisfy experienced athletes who demand performance and value.
To increase bumper plates lifespan we recommend to tighten collars.
This helps the plates to keep straight on the barbell and protects the plate insert when dropping.

We offer these plates in sets, as well as individually. Plates are offered in the sizes of 10, 25, 35, 45 pounds.
Plates are tested to provide 99% accuracy of weight. 10 and 15 pound plates are not designed to be dropped when loaded alone, they can be dropped only in combination with heavier plates.

black rubber bumper plates

Bounce: low
Sleeve: Olympic, 2”
Insert: stainless steel
Diameter: 450mm, Standard of International Weightlifting Federation (IWF)
Weight tolerance: 1%

black bumper plates

The product is sold with 1 year warranty.