York Deep Dish Iron Plates

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Showing all 6 results


York Deep Dish Iron Plates feature classic design by the legendary company, which was the pioneer of weightlifting  era. York Barbell Company was founded in 1932 by Bob Hoffman, named “Father of World Weightlifting” by the IWF, when he  bought the Milo Barbell Company and founded York Barbell in York, Pennsylvania.

Deep Dish plates are called so because of the wide outer edge which allows easier plates pickup, loading and unloading from the barbell. Olympic iron plates were used for Olympic weightlifting until 60s, when bumper plates were invented.


York Deep Dish plates feature three spoke profile with thick hub is a classic look that ensures easy loading and stable positioning of the plates on the barbell. 45 lbs plates are one and a half inch thick, so that you can load many of them on the bar. Average bar would fit more than 800 lbs if loaded with 45 lbs plates. This explains popularity of York iron plates for powerlifting, where heavy loaded barbells are required. The sizes of the plates are as follows:

25 lbs
Diameter: 11 ⅜”
Thickness: 1 ¾”

35 lbs
Diameter: 13 ⅝”
Thickness: 1 ¾”

45 lbs
Diameter: 17 ½”
Thickness: 1 ½”

York Deep Dish Iron Plates feature raised and painted lettering to bring the classic old-school look of weightlifting golden era. The diameter of the centre hole is 2” to fit Olympic bars. Cast iron material ensures longevity of the plates

Deep dish plates are sold at our store individually, as well as in sets with or without barbells. The smaller sizes of 2.5, 5, and 10 lbs are universal between deep dish and regular York Olympic iron plates.

York Deep Dish plates are easy to find in Montreal as we carry a good stock of them, they are also available with our delivery service in Ottawa and Kingston.