7ft Commercial Olympic Bar 1500 Lbs W/ Collars
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7ft Commercial Olympic Bar 1500 Lbs W/ Collars

7ft Commercial Olympic Bar has superior tensile strength of 190,000 PSI and a 1500 LBS weight capacity.

  • Precision engineered highest quality components. Black finish protects against rusting, chipping, scarring and peeling of this Olympic bar.
  • Weight bar is crafted by heat treated alloy steel and a snap ring lock system. It offers ultimate performance for Olympic and power lifting routines.
  • Olympic Bar Specs: 28mm grip diameter, 50 lb weight, 51” between collars. Manufactured with much higher grade steel than many others on the market, this Olympic weight bar is allowed to be smaller in diameter. This decrease in diameter is crucial to optimizing your ability to grip heavy loads and lift your absolute maximum on all lifts.
  • Fits 2″ Olympic plates.
1 review for 7ft Commercial Olympic Bar 1500 Lbs W/ Collars
  1. Jakub Wozniak

    Great quality bar! I have had mine two years now, and have dropped it from chest height and overhead with snatches and jerk. Very solid and still looks like new.

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