Black Steel Rackable Swiss Bar – Angled
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Black Steel Rackable Swiss Bar – Angled

Steel Rackable Swiss Bar fits in a Power Rack and will handle 400lb weight capacity

  • Material: Steel
  • Colour: Black
  • Weight: 12.5kg / 27.5lb
  • Dimensions: 82″ (length) x 9″ (width), sleeves are 14″
  • Grips: One angled grip and Two natural grips per side
  • Will fit any rack that is 41” – 52” wide
  • 2 Silver Steel collars included
1 review for Black Steel Rackable Swiss Bar – Angled
  1. Jan Kaminski

    One of my favorite pieces of equipment. I had a light shoulder injury doing heavy (for me) dumbbell bench press a few months ago. It didn’t hurt when not exercising but under weight discomfort was significant. I got this football bar and it let me avoid loosing shape while still letting the shoulder recover. Highly recommended! Btw the product is flawless and prices way cheaper than some brands. Make your research to check if I’m right though!

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