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Short Power Rack For Basement

If you decide to build your home gym in basement you may need to consider the height of your basement ceiling. If the height of ceiling is 8 feet (96 inches) or lower you may want to consider a short rack. Usually the ceiling height issue is find in basements, but it also can be short garages or sheds meant to be used for home gyms. Regular size racks are in the range of 83-85 inches. Even if they fit they may have limited functionality. For example, pull up bar next to your ceiling won’t let you do pull-ups normally. However there is a solution to that, which is a short power rack for basement.

Our Short Rack

Our short rack has an assembled height of 72 inches and is rated the best of short squat racks by Strong Home Gym review. In their opinion, to which we agree, it is the best rack on the market by the price / quality ratio. Made with 2×2″ 14 Gauge Steel uprights it is a very reliable and stable piece of gym equipment.

This power cage includes two pull up bars of different diameter to do exercises with different grip. It also features two built-in plates storage pegs. Plate storage keeps your home gym organized and adds to stability of the rack. This being said, our short rack can be the best choice when you need a short power rack for basement.

short power rack for basement
GF-1050 Short Rack

Our short rack has 700 lbs capacity and 400 lbs pull-up bar capacity and is safe for home gym application and will help you in your strength training. Adjustable J hooks have plastic protection to keep your equipment safe from scratches. Adjustable height spotter arms make your bench press safe if you exercise alone. The add-on dip station can be purchased additionally and doesn’t cost much. The rack is easy to assemble and will help you in your weights workouts. We have a great selection of benches to use with this rack, you can check them out here.


If you need the rack in Montreal, Ottawa, Kingston or around these cities you can benefit from our great delivery service. It costs 30$ flat rate no matter how big or small the order is.

You can find all our power racks and attachments here.

If you are also looking for an adjustable bench, here is our write-up on how to choose it.

Thank you for your interest, hope we made it more simple for you to choose your perfect squat rack!

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