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Commercial Power Rack

Our store offers a great selection of power racks both for home and commercial use. While it can be challenging to choose the correct one for you, since there are quite a lot of offers on the market. However, there are a few principles to apply that can make your selection process easier.

Pay attention to your ceiling height, as some of the racks can be too tall, for example if you are planning to install it in your basement. If this is the case your choice can be our short rack, which is only 72” tall.

You can also save about two inches of height if you choose a taller rack and flip the pull up bar so that it doesn’t face up from the rack frame, but instead faces down.

Important thing to consider is rack’s weight capacity and also which add ons are included with the rack. Our favorite and most popular rack is Commercial Power Rack 5G which is build with 2.5” x 2.5” 2.5mm commercial tubing. This frame tubing makes the rack solid and able to hold heavy weights. This rack is perfect for home or commercial use.

commercial power rack
Commercial Rack 5G

Note that the rack includes four j-hooks out of the box as well as eight band pegs. It also features dip station, two storage pegs, and so on. Many of the racks available on the market offer these elements only as separate products that need to be purchased additionally.

Pickup and Delivery

Commercial Power Rack 5G and many other racks are available for pickup in Saint-Lazare (near Montreal). We also offer meetup for pickup in Ottawa and Kingston. If you prefer the rack delivered to your door you can benefit from our great delivery service. It costs 30$ flat rate no matter how big or small the order is. We made some research and we think our delivery service is the most budget friendly around.

The whole selection of power racks we have to offer can be found here. We hope you select the power rack that fits your needs the best!

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