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CrossFit Grass Track for Speed Sled

If you are looking to build a speed sled grass track for CrossFit push, pull and speed sled training we have a perfect solution for you. Our DPXP Elite artificial grass is designed for heavy duty indoor use and does not need infill to be used.

DPXP has 5mm cushioned backing foam, and can be installed on concrete or any other flat hard surface. It is glued in to the surface. Additionally to the product and delivery we offer cutting and installation service.

The grass comes in 15×50′ roll and can be cut according to your needs, popular sizes for grass track being 15×100′ and 7.5×100′.

DPXP Elite speed sled grass track
DPXP Elite Artificial Grass

We can also fully customize the shape and colour of your track with start, finish and distance marks, as well as your logo. Except speed sled CrossFit grass track, DPXP Elite can be used for indoor running tracks, batting cages, etc.

You can order DPXP Elite artificial grass here.

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