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Commercial Adjustable Weight Bench In Montreal

This post covers the important topic of where to buy a commercial adjustable weight bench in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It also gives you an idea how to choose it.

The bench is called commercial when it is of high grade and can be used in commercial gyms. It is also great for home gyms and insures that it will last long. It has greater weight capacity and is made of high quality materials. Such benches are carefully designed by fitness equipment engineers using modern research on fitness and human body anatomy.

Below we would like to show you four models of commercial adjustable weight benches we have in our store. While we have tested and like all of them, that’s how we choose our products, we are placing them here in order of price increase.

Benches we have to offer

Adjustable Weight Bench G3 is designed to combine the usefulness and safety of a 1,000 pound rated bench, with the most affordable price possible. This heavy-duty flat and incline adjustable bench also has a tube support in the flat position for even more peace of mind as the weights get heavy. You can find it in our store here.

G3 Commercial Adjustable Bench
G3 Commercial Adjustable Bench

Our famous G1 bench is a highly versatile flat-incline-decline FID adjustable bench. Features seven different back pad adjustments (from 85 degrees to -20 degrees) and five ways to position the seat pad. Compared to the previously described bench it has additional functionality of decline position. It also has built-in leg leg attachment which swings out to secure your feet while in a decline position.

G1 commercial adjustable bench
G1 Commercial Adjustable Bench

The F02 is our most heavy duty commercial bench for those looking to lift heavy weight with maximum stability.
The back pad is able to adjust to 7 different angles (0, 15, 30, 45, 60, 75 and 85 degrees), and the seat pad has 3 different angles (0, 15, 30 degrees). The F02 bench has additional metal spotter you see at the back, which can be purchased as an add-on at 99$.

F02 Commercial Adjustable Bench

Finally the most advanced system we have to offer is Ultra Commercial Zero Gap Adjustable Bench 1000Lb Capacity G4. It was voted 2022 Favorite Bench on Reddit r/Homegym. Thick padding and rock solid stability making this bench a perfect choice for extreme use. Weight at hefty 100 lb with steel filled legs (not hollow). Pop-in system to adjust the gap between the seat and back pad.

Ultra Commercial Zero Gap Adjustable Bench 1000Lb Capacity G4
G4 Zero Gap System

How do I get Commercial Adjustable Bench in Montreal?

Now that you now which commercial adjustable benches are available, we get to the question how to get one in Montreal?

Your first option to get commercial bench in Montreal is to pick it up in Saint-Lazare, just place an order with a local pickup delivery option, or contact us to set up an appointment and come take it.

The second option is to benefit of our great delivery service. We deliver any order big or small at flat rate 30$, this rate covers Montreal, Laval, South Shore (Brossard, Chateauguay, Longueuil, etc.), Repentigny, Terrebonne, Saint-Jerome, Vaudreuil, Ile Perrot, and other nearby towns. Delivery usually is scheduled in between 1-7 days from placing the order. We deliver most orders within a week.

Longueuil is one of the places we deliver to

We hope tis post was beneficial for you and looking forward to see you in case you decide to get a bench for your home or commercial gym!

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